Givers are Rarely Left Empty Handed

 From the  Rodney White  2015 wall calendar 

From the Rodney White 2015 wall calendar 

Sometimes it's frustrating to give more of yourself than your peers choose to offer up. You wonder if it's worth it. This has been on my mind a lot and I wrote this because I looked at the calendar on the wall and saw the above image.

I feel like the best times in my life have been when I'm giving a lot of myself either to others or to a craft. Nothing bad happens when you intelligently and diligently do your best work while living up to your own highest standards. Better people will come into your life. More opportunities will avail themselves to you. Life will move. 

Not giving is dumb and won't leave you with much in the end. Giving more to the world works.  If you are reading these words, join me in trying to give more of yourself everyday. What's the best that can happen?