Fear Nothing

"Fear nothing. Another easy-to-say and impossible piece of advice. Tough luck, chum. Life's a bitch and then you die. Get used to it. It isn't going to change anytime soon.
What is there to fear? Everything and nothing. Try looking at it through my eyes. I am an insignificant little worm on an insignificant planet which circles an insignificant star in a big (presumably) bad universe.
Just like everything that walks, breathes, grows, flies, crawls or swims, I am going to die. One day, my planet will die. Long, long after, the sun it still circles as a dead rock will die. Then there will be darkness on the face of the earth. That is, there would be darkness if there was any creature alive to view it.
Armies and governments fear men and women who know they are going to die soon; and they have good reason to. Such people have nothing to lose. They will commit any atrocity and take as many others with them as they can, if they are driven to it. You must now become that doomed man or woman. You are going to die. Nothing can alter the fact. It is immutable. Incomprehensible. Unfair. All of those things.
But it sets you free, don't you see? It sets you free."

- Felix Dennis